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  • Don't Hire, Audition!

    SEPTEMBER 2011


    No joke: the ski industry can learn a thing or two about hiring from the amusement park business. It's a common problem at resorts everywhere: the rush for high-season help forces managers to act quickly to fill positions, without thinking as deeply as perhaps they should about how an individual might actually fill a niche.

  • The Silver Standard

    SEPTEMBER 2015


    In-house expertise and a passion for mountain biking helped Silver Mountain, Idaho, build a viable summer business. Willy Bartlett looks every bit the mountain biker, dressed in shorts, t-shirt, and trucker hat. He moved mountains to breathe new life into the bike program at Silver, and his efforts have helped increase revenue and also helped Silver Mountain Bike Park earn a top spot in’s 2014 Best Bike Parks Riders’ Choice Awards, the rider-voted annual survey ranking the top bike parks in North America.

  • When Lightning Strikes

    JULY 2014


    Summer time and the living is easy? For a resort operations manager, likely not as much as the average guest may think when, say, hiking through wildflowers or lunching at a mountaintop restaurant. High winds, flash flooding and even the rare tornado (in the Northeast) are all viable threats that deserve consideration. But the greatest threat of all is lightning. Lightning has always been a problem with chairlifts, but now, with ziplines, canopy tours and more, staying on top of the weather is more important than ever.


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